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52 Organizing Missions

Welcome to Mission 39 of our 52 Get Organized Missions.

Do you feel stressed just looking around your home or office?

If you’ve forgotten what your coffee table, countertop or desk looks like, then this organizing mission is for you.

I bet you’re feeling good about completing the previous missions Get Organized Mission #37: Get Organized For Nutrition and Get Organized Mission #38: Get Organized For Fitness.  Now you’re refreshed let’s get your home or office looking better.

Remember: you only need 30 minutes for the basic mission. Extended Options are below.
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2 thoughts on “Mission 39: Declutter Your Surfaces

  1. terryl1776@yahoo.com says:

    We cleared our surfaces per room with the categories of discard; keep and secured area as follows:
    Discard: outdated documents; Keep: Current documents and medical records. Secured area [home safe]: Passwords; Legal Documents: Lease/Mortgage/Birth Certificate, etc. Warranties: current warranties on items you own.
    Kitchen counters:
    Discard: Used paper products; Keep: Microwave; coffee maker; crock pot; cutting board; small kitchen utensils in a container.
    Bathroom counters
    Discard: Expired make up, etc. Keep: Toiletry items; dental floss/toothpaste/toothbrush; razor/shaving dream; soap; towels/wash clothes; make up and clothes hamper.
    Dining Table
    Discard: junk mail and used paper products; Keep: processed mail; radio; dinnerware including silver ware and medicines in shoe box or plastic container

    • Kylie Browne says:

      Well done to the group, you have done so much work over the last few missions.
      I hope you’re able to transfer all these good intentions into your lifestyles.
      Enjoy the final missions of the program.
      🙂 Kylie, Community Manager

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