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52 Organizing Missions

Welcome to Mission 51 of our 52 Get Organized Missions!

If your week invariably feels chaotic and at odds with your natural energy, personal preferences, and practical considerations, then you’ll love this mission.

Over the next 30 minutes we’re going to create an ideal weekly schedule template – a baseline planner you can use for your weekly timetable.

Remember: you only need 30 minutes for the basic mission. Extended Options are below.

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2 thoughts on “Mission 51: Weekly Schedule Template

  1. terryl1776@yahoo.com says:

    Our daily template is as follows: Exercising; Emails; ME time one to two hours per day is our personal time; week days we will attend our classes and keep all medical appointments as needed
    Mornings: Preparing for the day
    Lunchtime: Preparing and eating lunch
    Afternoons Monday through Friday: 15- 30 minutes of decluttering
    Evenings: Preparing and eat dinner
    Late Evenings: after 8 PM: relax; computer time; lay your clothes out for the next day; tidy up before lying down for a good night’s sleep

    Every other day: Return calls unless it is urgent

    Weekly to Do List is as follows: Paperwork; run errands in like areas to save time and money

    Weekends to Do List is as follows: Saturday: Have a good breakfast; free day to walk your dogs or do something of interest to you Sunday: Free day or a church day
    Extended family time: weekly or monthly plan a family activity

    Lifetime: Legal Documents

    Personal Choice time: Reading and Writing

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