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52 Organizing Missions

Welcome to Mission 43 of our 52 Get Organized Missions.

An unrealistic to-do list undermines your effectiveness in two ways:

  1. Having too many tasks distracts, overwhelms and confuses you – taking focus away from items that matter
  2. Inability to complete items de-motivates you and reduces your self confidence.

Give your productivity and motivation an instant boost in this mission – by decluttering your to-do list.

If you’ve completed the previous mission Get Organized Mission 42: Simplify Your Life – Time then you will love this week’s mission.

Remember: you only need 30 minutes for the basic mission. Extended Options are below.
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2 thoughts on “Mission 43: How To Declutter Your To-Do List

  1. terryl1776@yahoo.com says:

    The following is our to-do lists:
    DAILY: Appointments: Time & Event; Complete Morning Chores; Watch local news for weather conditions; follow-up important phone calls; chatting on Social Media [Facebook]; respond to Emails & de-clutter Emails; play online games; Evening Chores: Cook & Clean Kitchen; Clean the bathroom; Take out Trash/Garbage.
    WEEKLY: Vacuum floors; dispose of expired food; clean the refrigerator; 15 minute Kitchen de-clutters; update our calendar; Laundry: whites; lights; darks; sheets & towels.
    MONTHLY: Pay Bills [i.e. rent/mortgage; utilities; cell phone & internet/cable]; Meal planning then make grocery list & go grocery shopping [shop on a full stomach so you won’t impulse buy at the checkout counter]; change vacuum cleaner bag; run errands [consolidate your errands in the area to save time & gas & bus fees]; beauty parlor to maintain your hair.
    YEARLY: Beauty Parlor for yearly cut of split ends; taxes; dry clean curtains; clean carpeting; clean windows

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