Time Management

What hasn’t already been said about time management? Nada. Zilch. In fact, too much has been said, making it hard to tell what’s simple, doable, and effective.

For some people, time management and productivity are about complicated systems and convoluted jargon. It’s all a highly engineered process.

I prefer to approach time management with 2 simple premises:

  1. There isn’t enough time to do everything.
    No one does now, nor has anyone ever, achieved everything and enjoyed perfect work-life balance. The myth that it’s possible to have everything, and to hold it in equilibrium, distracts us from an awesome realization. Which is the fact that…
  2. There is enough time to do the things that matter to you.
    This liberating idea frees us to use time meaningfully. To identify what our priorities are, to motivate ourselves to work on them effectively, and to build habits of checking off the stuff we want to get done.

Given these premises, I’m interested in finding, summarizing, and sharing with you simple, smart ways to use time better and get more done.

For instance, in my products I encourage you to:

  • Work out and focus on what matters most
  • Simplify everything
  • Declutter your to-do lists
  • Acknowledge the drive to procrastinate and use it your advantage
  • Get more done without driving yourself crazy
  • Liberate the energy that perfectionism steals from you
  • Master technology and online tools (instead of being their slave).

Time Management Products

All my products are interactive, downloadable PDFs. They’re environmentally friendly (no freight, and you only print what you want) and instantly available.

Goals & Priorities Diary

  • This diary has one main objective: to get you to focus, every day, on the things that matter most. I designed it to free you from overwhelm while allowing you to move ahead with your goals.
  • Unlike most diaries filled with blank pages, this one is very structured. It guides you to set yearly and monthly goals. That’s good, but then it guides you translate those goals into daily tasks.
  • Perhaps most important of all, it prompts you to identify your top three priorities every day, and to do these first. It’s a great way to move forward on your priorities.

Time Management Strategies

  • This booklet contains 36 of my blog articles on topics such as dealing with procrastination, getting more done, managing to-do lists, using technology for productivity, email management, simplifying life, and personal organization strategies. It offers you plenty of ideas for using your time well.

Time Management Worksheets

  • My time management worksheets are a streamlined set of 32 lists, planners and worksheets for managing your time better.
  • As well as goal lists, to-do lists, and various schedules, there are also worksheets for identifying time wasters and brainstorming time savers.
  • The worksheets are all interactive – so you can type, save, edit, search, and print.
  • And I like things to look nice when I’m in organizing mode, so I made them attractive.

Premium Subscription

  • This is an annual subscription for people who want the best value.
  • You get everything currently in my store as well as everything I add to the store while you’re a member. Plus some secret bonuses :)

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