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The Secret To Staying Clutter-Free For Life (Or, How To Avoid Clutter Creep)

You know that lovely feeling you get when you’ve just organized your shoes, decluttered the filing cabinet, or streamlined your vintage doily collection? *insert plaintive voice* Why does it never last? Why does the chaos always return? Why can’t I stay ahead of clutter and disorganization? The answers, respectively, are that it can, it doesn’t have to, and there […]

7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Self

7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind

  With a change of season upon us, now’s a great time for a spot of spring cleaning. But instead of focussing on the external environment, let’s start with ourselves. By tidying up mental habits and self-talk on the inside, we can make life a lot more happy and ordered on the outside too. Here are 7 simple but powerful ways to spring clean your mind. […]

High-tech home office

Inspirational Home Offices

Are you doing 7 Days To An Organized Home Office with me? Whether or not you’re doing the program, I think you’ll like these inspiring home offices… This is one of several rather high-tech home office spaces. Here you’ll find some colorful home offices such as this one. For a range of modern designs check […]

How To Be Happier

There’s Only One Way To Be Happier – And This Is It

The Um, Joy of Happiness Did you know that happiness is associated with all kinds of cool benefits? They include: Physical & mental health Coping skills Resilience Work satisfaction Good relationships – with colleagues, friends, and loved ones Long life Immune system strength Liking yourself Altruism Liking others Effective conflict management. That means happiness isn’t […]

7 Days To An Organized Home Office

7 Days To An Organized Home Office – BRAND NEW!!

What’s your biggest home office challenge? When I asked this question on Facebook I didn’t expect 200 replies from people frustrated with towering paper piles, ineffective filing systems, and unsatisfactory habits for dealing with all the clutter spoiling their home office spaces. So I’m super-excited to announce my brand-spanking-new program: 7 Days To An Organized Home […]

Organize Your Keepsakes

Memory Box: How To Organize Mementos And Keepsakes

This is a 5-minute organizing task from the Organize-In-5 Diary. How To Make Up Memory Boxes For Your Family’s Mementos And Keepsakes – In Just 5 Minutes! Find or buy some attractive boxes – one for each family member. Kids might like to cover theirs in re-cycled wrapping paper. Label them with the person’s name. […]