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Announcing the Design Your Life e-Program

Design Your Life is Here! For some time I’ve been busy preparing the Design Your Life program for you. I’m very excited that it’s now open! This comprehensive, 12-month self-improvement e-program delivers ongoing structure, motivation and accountability for taking action on the things you want in life. It’s based on the popular Life & Goal […]

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How To Feel Happier Now? Face It!

According to a recent Scientific American article, a number of studies suggest our feelings are strengthened, perhaps even stimulated, by the faces we make.

Don’t Frown, Be Happy

In one study, frown-impaired Botox injectees felt happier than people who were free to frown. And the botoxers didn’t feel any more attractive, in case you’re thinking that would account for their mood lift.

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My Partner is a Hoarder. Help!

There are a several ways to approach this, both for you and your partner.

Start by making peace with the fact that you can’t change someone else. In fact, if you push too hard your partner may become defensive, making the situation worse.

Instead, focus on getting what you need (perhaps a clutter-free space of your own?), modeling the benefits of hoarding-free behavior in your own life, and reinforcing positive change in your partner. The first post, below, is about working with a disorganized colleague, but the three tips are equally applicable to living with a stuff-loving partner.

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Create Your ‘Organized Life Morning Routine’ [Mission #21]

Last week we created your personal Organized Life Bedtime Routine. This week we’ll create one for the morning.

Having an Organized Life Morning Routine will help you face each day – and the world – with a sense of confidence, order, and motivation.

Remember: you only need 30 minutes for the basic mission. Extended Options are below.