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time management tips

7 Time Management Tips For Busy Working Moms – Plus FREE Bills To Pay Printable

When you’re flat out trying to run a household, get little people off to school and then start your own work day, you’ve just got to be organized. Some days every minute counts and we’re always on the lookout for that time-saving trick or tip that can add a few precious minutes to a busy […]

Be Productive At Work

10 Effortless Ways To Stay Productive At Work – FREE Master Goal List Printable

How do you increase productivity when you need it the most? When other productivity tricks don’t work, what other tips do you go back to? Here are our 10 effortless ways to stay productive at work. Say goodbye to slacking! 10 Effortless Ways To Stay Productive At Work 1. Add Live Plants Green potted plants […]

Adjusting News Feed Preferences

How To Manage Your Facebook Newsfeed

If you’re like me, you randomly “like” pages as you see them appear on your Facebook timeline. Oh, what a cute cat! <Like Page> The life quote is soooo me. <Like Page> Oh, this looks interesting, Jenny likes this page, I’ll like them too. <Like Page> Sometimes, however, I discover this “like” comes at a cost. […]

Time Management

Are You Really Time-Poor Or Just Think You Are?

Busyness seems to be catching. How often do we hear these phrases in general conversation:     I’m so busy.    I’m too busy.    How do you find the time?    I don’t have time to do that … Many people swear that they are time poor. However there’s fine line between the idea of […]