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Five Simple Tips to Becoming a Domestic Goddess

For those of us who are domestically challenged, becoming a domestic goddess may seem out of reach. Surely it can’t be that hard, right? Let’s take a look at some simple, yet effective ways to improve our domesticity & start claiming the goddess title. Experiment with cleaning products Not all cleaning products are made equal. […]

Want to Live Longer? You Can. It’s a Benefit of Being Organized

Being organized can extend your life. That’s a fact, according to Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin, authors of The Longevity Project.* If you haven’t heard of The Longevity Project, it is a landmark study spanning over 80 years involving 1,500 people. Started by Dr Lewis Terman in 1921, the study concludes that they key factor to […]

Organizing Sites We Love

Getting things done! Top organizing sites you will love

Of course we think that Get Organized Wizard belongs in the list of top organizing sites. That goes without saying, right! But we also love other sites that help keep the procrastination monster at bay. If you enjoy our challenges and programs, you might also want to check out these wonderful sites. Here is a peak […]