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New Year’s Resolutions: Posts & Resources

It’s that time of year again!
If you’re busy planning resolutions for the new year, here are some ideas that might help.
Want to get organized in 2011? Here are 3 strategies for starting off the year on the right track – and boosting your chances of keeping those resolutions beyond January.

20 Things To Check Off For A Fresh Start

Whether you’re approaching a new year, season, birthday, anniversary, or any other milestone, it’s a great time to make a fresh start, and to think about what you want to leave behind. I’ve put together 20 ideas for things to do before starting afresh. Some of these will take an instant, some a little longer. Choose the […]

Goals & Priorities Diary 2011: Get Your Free Copy!

Get Your Free Copy – Details Below | LAST DAY! Ends Midnight Monday 10 January 2011. If you want 2011 to be your most productive and organized year yet, then you’re going to love our brand new Goals & Priorities Diary. It contains Monthly Goals Planners that guide you to set and plan your goals […]

But I Might Need It One Day! [How To Stop Making Excuses & Get Organized, Declutter & Simplify]

Can’t get organized? Can’t get rid of clutter? Is it because you’ve got an excuse you can’t argue yourself out of? Maybe I can help. Post your excuse as a comment and I’ll address it in a later post in this series. Excuse #1: I can’t get rid of my stuff – I might need […]

Simplify Your Leisure

Simplify Your Leisure: What Not To Watch

Previously in this Simplify Your Life series, we’ve found ways to: Simplify Your Closet (What Not To Wear) Simplify Your To-Do List (What Not To Do) Simplify Your Life (What Not To Buy). This time, let’s turn to simplifying something which, for many people, is already in pretty short supply: leisure time. Simplify Your Leisure: […]

A Place For Every Regular Task [Time Management]

Having a place for everything and every thing in its place is a wonderful way to keep your space organized. But you can also apply this same principle to regular tasks, as a way to keep your time well organized, too. This has several benefits: You save time by not having to schedule regular tasks […]