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Tidy Wardrobe

Is Your Closet Bursting With Overwhelm?

Quick Quiz: What Is The State Of Your Closet? Neat, tidy, organized. I feel great when I see my closet. Could use some work, but it’s workable and meets my needs. Untidy & Impractical. Lots of misplaced items. Lots of unwanted clothes taking up valuable space. Bursting with mess, I really need a detox but don’t […]

Focus On Clutter Hurdles

Facing Your Biggest Decluttering Hurdle

Excuses, excuses! Do you like to hide behind those? What’s the biggest decluttering hurdle you face? For lots of people it’s the lack of time. Or perceived lack of time! For others, it’s the amount of clutter that needs to be sorted. Mostly though, we can probably all agree, it’s about lack of motivation. Let’s Break Down […]

organize clutter

6 Steps In Dealing With Inherited Clutter

Decluttering can cause a lot of stress. This stress is magnified when it’s inherited clutter. Pressure can mount when you are faced with the decluttering task of things that are not yours or are left to your care. Why? Because simply, this isn’t your mess! Yet you have to clean it up! It’s an emotional and sometimes […]

Kids Productivity

Are You A Help Or A Hinderance To Your Child’s Productivity?

Teaching children how to be productive and how to use their time well can be hard when we struggle with it ourselves. We want them to be better at it than us. But this means leading by example, and sometimes that is really difficult! Even if your children are at a young age, you can start helping them […]