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Simplify Your Life: What Not To Do

In this series, I’ll be suggesting ways you can make things simpler for yourself in various life areas. Today let’s turn to your to-do list and time management. Simplify Your To-Do List: What Not To Do One of the smartest things you can do to simplify your life is to make decisions in advance. If you […]

How To Be More Productive – Even When You’re Not Working

Here’s a little trick to keep your brain working on your most pressing projects – even when you’re not. All you have to do is expose yourself to your current challenge just before you head off to lunch, the gym, a meeting, an errand, the shower, whatever. For example, Writing a blog post for your […]

What Might You Gain if You Let Things Go?

Recently I was looking through the 52 Missions Home Organizer comments. I re-discovered a comment that reminded me afresh of the wonderful, unexpected gifts that can come when you finally release old stuff from your life: 11 full boxes of books are now sitting by the door, waiting to go to the donation bin at […]

Simplify Your Life: What Not To Wear

In this new series, I’ll be suggesting ways you can make things simpler for yourself in various life areas. Let’s start with your closet and your personal style. Simplify Your Closet: What Not To Wear I recently did a major closet cleanse. (I’ll write more about how and why in later posts.) Getting so much stuff […]

Simplify Your Life: New Series Starts Today

Is a sense of overwhelm holding you back from the life you want? If you often feel disorganized, indecisive, or immobilized, it’s worth looking for ways to make your life simpler. Having a sense of what isn’t for you can be a super-smart way to cut down your choices, save yourself mistakes and feel a greater […]

Get Organized in 5 Minutes: Adopt OCI-OGO

Here’s something you can do to get better organized – and it’ll take you just 5 minutes! Adopt OCI-OGO Decide to adopt OCI-OGO in your life. This means One Comes In – One Goes Out: every time something new comes into your home, car, handbag, briefcase, closet or life – something old goes out. If […]

Get Organized this weekend

Get Organized Fast: 7 Things You Can Do This Weekend

Want to get better organized — but don’t want to spend ages sorting through your life? Then check out these quick and simple things you can do this weekend. Most of them will take only 5 to 30 minutes. You’ll start next week feeling lighter, more motivated, and better organized. 7 Things To Do To […]