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Identify Your Home Values And Create A Sanctuary

Does Your Home Reflect The Way You Want To Live? If you’re looking to declutter and reorganize the layout of  some rooms in your home, first consider your home values. Home Values What are home values? I like to think of these as those ways you make your house a home. Consider for example, which of the following values would you […]

Ways to Keep Your Hotel Room Tidy

If you’re staying in a hotel room, chances are you’re on vacation, a business trip or having an overnight stay on a short journey. Less is more when you’ve got such little space! What’s the best way to keep your hotel room organized? Let’s start with these: Unpack. If you’re staying in that room for more than […]

You’ve Boxed Me In!

Moving house is a big project. Sorting. Decluttering. Packing. Unpacking. It’s enough to give you a headache thinking about it. A friend of mine is currently surrounded by boxes. Her hubby moved most of them into the garage, which means her car now sits in the driveway. She’s constantly complaining about not being able to find […]

7 Insights Into Better Productivity & Time Management

Join us from Monday 18 August… If you: Waste time Procrastinate Get to the end of the day and feel you haven’t accomplished much Fail to make progress on important goals and projects Feel stressed and overwhelmed Struggle to stay focused Need to be a self-starter because you work from home or run your own business Want a […]