Monthly Archives: April 2016

Declutter Garage

The Uncluttered Garage: Clutter Out, Car In

One of our readers has this organizing problem – a ridiculously disorganized garage. It’s seriously so bad we can barely walk in there. Aside from storage for old furniture, books, toys (and sadly my kids are grown), not to mention papers, it became a dumping zone for whatever we didn’t want in the house. I […]

Hobby Increases Productivity

Good Reasons To Start A New Hobby – With FREE ​Hobby Planner Download

If you could choose a new hobby, what would it be? Learn to sew or knit. Play an instrument. Join a church group. Start gardening. Coach a sporting team. Participate in a book club. Join a photography club. Volunteer your time to a charity. When you commit to a hobby you invariably find more time […]

Get Rid of Mess

Where Does All This Mess Come From?

Mess can be defined a few ways: 1. A cluttered, untidy, usually dirty place or condition: The lounge room was a mess. 2. Something that is disorderly or dirty, as an accumulation or heap: Who left the mess on the bedroom floor? If your weekly clean up involves both having to tidy and clean at the same time, you […]