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Organized Home Office

3 Ways To Organize Your Home Office – with FREE Printable

Do you want to be the best office manager you’ve ever had? Home office managers wear many caps. If you are working from home or have set up you own company based at home then you have no choice – office organization starts and ends with you. You become the manager, the secretary, the messenger, the IT department […]

Distractions Working From Home

Top 3 Ways To Avoid Distractions When Working From Home – With FREE Weekly To-Do List Printable

On the face of it, working from home is bliss. You have freedom, flexible hours, relaxed dress codes, and unlimited access to the fridge! What’s not to love? To make working from home work well, structure is important. Structure for yourself and your environment. If you can achieve structure in the early days, you’ll be able to avoid the […]

Chore Routines

How To Split Chores Fairly In The Home With FREE Weekly Chores Roster Printable

Co-ordinating chores evenly amongst family members can be difficult. Leave complaints of “it’s not fair” and “why do I have to do that?” behind with our simple tips that get everyone involved. Tips To Split Chores Fairly Around The Home 1. Pre-Plan The Scenario Before Calling The Family Together It’s a good idea to get the […]

Organized Home

Simple Routines That Keep Your House Spotless

Eliminate the dread you feel each week when it comes cleaning time with these simple tips.   It all comes down to routines. They can be a daily, weekly, monthly or a seasonal routine. Set a routine that is easy to follow and that makes cleaning time faster. Start small. Choose to start with the daily dumping of laundry into […]