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10 Day Declutter Challenge

Be Inspired! Results from our 10-Day Declutter Challenge

Below are some inspiring comments from participants in our recent 10-Day Declutter Challenge on Facebook: “This was a tough one for me but did get easier the closer I got to 10 items.” Ellen “Wow I just cleaned out our computer desk…what a mess 2 people can gather in less than 2 yrs. I’m very […]

Get Organized after your Vacation

7 Useful Tips to Get Organized After Returning From Vacation

Back to life, back to reality! The glorious end to a happy and fun vacation can be a little bit sad. With every step closer to home, the feeling of freedom, calm and relaxation slowly melts away. Your brain flicks a switch and you start planning. Unpacking. Laundry. Shopping. Photos. Mentally creating to-do lists and […]

Feeling free and motivated

7 Empowering Outcomes From The Productivity & Time Management Program

  With hundreds of people having completed the 7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management program, we are thrilled with the response so far. So many people have left inspiring comments, satisfied with their move from procrastination to action. We love hearing about your successes. Here are seven outcomes that have people feeling empowered: […]

7 Liberating Things From The Declutter Your Closet Challenge

So far, more than 780 people have completed the 14-Day Organize Your Closet Challenge. It’s exciting to read the comments as people make small changes that can have a big impact on their lives. Here are some of the discoveries so far that people have found liberating: Breaking the emotional chains that led to my current […]

My Creative Sabatical

What’s Your Creative Expression?

Motivated by Michele’s creative sabbatical, I started thinking about my own creative expression. I love recharging my batteries with a creative activity. I look forward to the free time, releasing myself of daily responsibilities and doing something creative, purely to make me happy. My most recent creative expression is photography. I love taking a picture […]