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Happiness prescription

10 Things To Do Every Day: A Prescription For Happiness And Personal Organization

Sometimes life’s little tantrums make it hard to keep your cool. You get sick, you face one problem after another, your goals stall, your relationships struggle… You can start to feel disorganized, frustrated, in a rut… So what can you do to keep yourself afloat? I suggest a daily checklist that will help you feel as though you’re hanging in there and doing okay. Keep the checklist simple and achievable. It shouldn’t add to […]

5 Ways To Increase Your Self-Esteem

The way you feel about yourself is a tricky thing. No one wants to be egotistical or overconfident. But most us are more likely to err in the opposite direction – to be unsure, self-doubting, lacking in self-esteem. A library of self-help books and/or years of therapy can maybe help. But for a simpler approach, you […]

Staycation Benefits

3 Great Reasons To Take A Staycation

Earlier this month a took a week off. I went away for my previous vacation and didn’t particularly enjoy it, so this time I decided to make it a staycation. And I’m glad I did! I spent most of my week catching up with friends, watching DVDs, reading, and generally lounging around. It was wonderfully […]

Get Family To Declutter

How To Get Your Family To Declutter: Dos And Don’ts

  Here are some common frustrations I hear from people who are trying to declutter their lives and organize their homes: My husband is a hoarder – he still has college notes from the 80s. My wife’s hobbies have taken over the entire house. My kids have too much stuff and won’t get rid of anything. If you relate, […]