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Put Your Stuff In A Probation Box: How To Clear Clutter When You’re Scared

Do you have too much stuff, but feel conflicted about letting it go? Part of you feels excited about clearing the clutter and enjoying the space, freedom, and mental clarity of an organized home. But another part of you is nervous about stepping out of your comfort zone, and facing a future without clutter as your […]


Get Organized in 5 Minutes: Create an x-Delete Email Folder

Here’s something you can do to get better organized – and it’ll take you just 5 minutes!
Create an x-Delete Email Folder

Create a new folder in your email program.
Name it x-Delete – the ‘x’ moves the folder to the bottom of your folder list.

How To Get What You Want: 3 Dos & Don’ts

Well, yes – it’s likely you’ll get exactly what you want most of the time if you’re as adorable as this little charmer. But even if you score a little lower on the cuteness scale, there are things you can do to radically increase your chances of getting what you want. If you find yourself […]

entering on ipad

Goals & Priorities Diary | How To Use It On Your Mobile Device

Thank you for all the queries about using the Goals & Priorities Diary on your mobile device. We’ve done some research and tested a number of apps, and here’s the lowdown… How To Use Get Organized Wizard Interactive Products All the Get Organized Wizard products are fully interactive PDFs. This means you can enter text, […]


Goals & Priorities Diary Free Offer | FAQs

As we’ve had such an amazing response to the Goals & Priorities Diary Free Offer, I thought it might be helpful to address a few support queries that keep coming up. I Can’t See The Code Problem: After clicking ‘Like’ on the Get Organized Wizard Facebook Page, you can’t see the special offer details with […]

Get Organized For 2011

Get Organized Resolutions: 6 Dos And Don’ts For A Calm & Ordered Year

In an issue of the Get Organized newsletter I wrote about the January 1 Effect – how you can get a gift of energy and motivation from the start of the new year. Why not take advantage of this once-a-year psychological boost, and start the year well! Here are 6 dos and don’ts for getting your […]