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When you stumble make it part of the dance

When You Stumble, Make It Part Of The Dance

When you stumble, make it part of the dance. What a great antidote for perfectionism! If you’re human, you’ll make mistakes – so you might as well embrace them. Don’t waste your energy trying to hide or cover up your missteps. Just laugh – and keep moving. And don’t let your fear of being imperfect stop […]

How To Make A Good Decision

I’m not a good decision maker. Actually I’m not a confident or fast decision maker. I hesitate. I ponder. I vacillate. When I look back, most of my big decisions have been easy, and excellent. Marrying Craig. Leaving corporate life. Eschewing reality TV. For medium-sized choices, however, I’ve often felt as though I may as […]

Avoid Email Overload

How To Avoid The Post-Vacation Inbox Blues

Imagine this.  You’ve just got back from a great vacation. You’re feeling relaxed and dreamy and blissed out.  You sit down at your computer, a happy but slightly dopey expression lingering on your face, when suddenly–DUN DUN DUN!!–you see 4,679 new messages in your inbox. If you relate to this, you might like to re-consider […]

Facebook Round-Up: Tips, Laughs, And Inspiration

This week… Popular posts were about staying up all night to finish a book, not being afraid of what could go wrong, and Danielle’s loss of 40 pounds. Generating discussion were the iris I saw on my getaway to the Blue Mountains and sedating your inner thin person with chocolate cake. We laughed over someone yelling stop and life giving you, um, melons. Tips included choosing […]

Find your ideal clients

Business & Career Articles

Here are some recent articles I’ve written for other business sites. They may be helpful for your business and career goals, so I thought I’d mention them here. 5 Social Media Activities You Should Be Doing Of all the things you can do on social networks, these are 5 of the most important: Listening Replying Speaking in your own […]

Digital or Paper Planner DIary

Paper Planner Or Digital Diary? How To Choose.

People ask such great questions on my Facebook page. Here’s an extract from a recent one from Jennifer: I do a lot of long term planning and while the paper planner works just fine there are also advantages to using a digital planner such as outlook or calendar (for mac). Right now I get frustrated as I […]

Facebook Round-Up: Tips, Discussion, Inspiration

Thank you for the lovely feedback that you like the idea of a weekly Facebook round-up. This week… Popular posts were about starting wherever you are, keeping your sparkle, and doing what makes you come alive. Generating discussion were scents that brought back memories and our love of notebooks. We had some laughs about having no idea […]

How to add a Twitter header

How To Add A Header To Your Twitter Profile

Did you know you can now have a header image on your Twitter profile? It’s a bit like the cover photo on your Facebook profile. How To Add A Twitter Header Image Adding a Twitter header image is easy. Here’s how: From Twitter, click the settings icon Choose Edit Profile From the left-hand menu, click Design Go […]

Ask what makes you come alive

What Makes You Come Alive? Now Go Do It.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman What makes you come alive? Not sure? Here’s how to find your passion in about 30 minutes. Come on now – the world is waiting!

12 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Feeling overwhelmed? Time-poor? Drowning in clutter? Here are 12 easy things you can do to simplify your life. 1. Don’t Bring In The Mail Accumulating piles of mail can make you feel stressed. Instead, make it a habit to open snail mail over your recycle bin. Ditch everything – only take inside those items you […]

Multi-Purpose Room Organization

Home Organization: Storage Tricks; Paperlessness; Home Apps; Multi-Purpose Rooms

Here are some cool tips and ideas for organizing your home. 1. Storage Solutions For Organizing Kitchen, Closet, Bathroom, Laundry, Garage, Craft, Home Entertainment Looking for neat ideas for making things tidier? This article from Buzzfeed offers 52 clever solutions covering every room in your house. Some are not exactly pretty, some will take more time than they’re worth, […]