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Get Organized This Year

52 Ways To Get Organized For The New Year

If you’re a person who loves ‘signs’, then this is it! Our 52 Organizing Missions program is ready and waiting for you to start January 1. Join the community and have a happy and organized new year! Thanks for making this simple! There are plenty of these type of plans out there but I needed […]

Michele Holiday

Season’s Greetings From Get Organized Wizard

What a year 2015 has been! For me it’s been one of new opportunities, change, joys, a great deal of personal development – and the inevitable setbacks, disappointments and sorrows. Much like life, really! As we head into Christmas, the holidays, and 2016, I’d like to say this to you…   I wish you love, contentment, […]

Getting the most out of your programs

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Premium Subscription

What’s Included In Your Premium Subscription? The Premium Subscription includes a mix of: Online programs, such as 14 Days To An Organized Closet, that you log in and access online. You can read the content, check in with your progress, ask questions, and participate – all from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. In the new year we’ll be […]

Organizing gift wrapping

6 Ways To Organize Your Gift-Wrapping

The season of gift-wrapping and never-ending presents is upon us! Can you handle the fuss and the last minute rush to buy and wrap gifts? Being organized will help you survive and avoid stress. Try some of our organizing tricks that will keep you sane and happy. 6 Ways To Set Up A Gift-Wrap Center 1. Cupboard […]

School Day Organization

How To Get Organized For a Happy School Day

In Australia, our school year is coming to an end. Six glorious weeks of school holidays lay ahead. No strict routines. No school lunches. No homework. I’m just as excited as the kids! Our readers in the US & UK are about to head into the Christmas/holiday break, after having a few weeks into the new school […]

organized medicines

Quick Tips To Help Organize Your Medication

A lot of us use medication to cure, halt or prevent disease or illness. Some mornings, I think I must sound like a toy rattle when I move! I take a multi-vitamin, an anti-histamine, a pro-biotic… just to name a few! Another indication that I’m getting old as I swallow them down with a cup of tea! I try to be […]

Storing Christmas Decorations

Ways To Organize Your Christmas Decorations

With Thanksgiving officially over for another year now we can start decorating for Christmas!  We’re going to give you some tips that will help you keep decorations tidy and organized so that it’s never a headache for you! If you find your decorations are a mess, as you start to unpack them start to think about how […]