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What is your biggest decluttering challenge?

What is Your Biggest Decluttering Challenge?

Each person faces different challenges when trying to organize or declutter spaces. Unfortunately, these problems sometimes have the power to discourage people and make them give up. If you recognize and acknowledge your biggest obstacle to success, it may help you overcome this barrier. Let’s take a look at some of the most common challenges and a few effective ways to tackle them.

How do I declutter when my husband and kids won't get rid of anything

How do I Declutter When My Husband, Wife or Kids Won’t Get Rid of Anything?

A survey found that more than 50 percent of people struggle with household clutter. Around one out of five blame spouses or kids for this problem. Either way, it’s not uncommon for messy homes to cause stress and anxiety. If you feel like your family creates far more clutter than you, read on for some helpful advice.

How to Declutter when the mess is overwhelming

How to Declutter When the Mess is Overwhelming

Clutter can pile up over time and become quite overwhelming. If you’re facing this situation, you are definitely not alone. Different polls have revealed that around 55 to 90 percent of people find clutter overwhelming some or all of the time. Fortunately, there are effective ways to overcome this challenge.