Monthly Archives: February 2015

Dramatically Decluttered Home

7 Days To A Dramatically Decluttered Home *On Sale*

  A Decluttered Home IS Achievable If You Really Want It Yes, it really is that simple. Do you want it? If you answered yes, then the next step is making it happen. And this is where it gets hard. Finding the mindset and the motivation to make it happen. That’s where WE can help. Is This Program For You? […]

Tidy Teenage Bedroom

Organize Your Bedroom: A Step-By-Step Guide For Teenagers

Are you tired of complaining about the state of your teenager’s room? If your requests to tidy up fall on deaf ears, try giving them our step-by step guide. It might just work* AND you will regain your sanity! * We cannot vouch for compliance in the actions of your teenager when undergoing our step-by-step guide! However if I could […]

Calm Parent Organized

Calm Parent Nirvana. You Can Get and Stay Organized!

Being a calm and organized parent can be tough. We can read “effective parenting techniques” until our eyes glaze over, when sometimes all it takes is a simple lifestyle change to help make life less chaotic. Here are some simple tips to help create a calm and organized household Get a Slow Cooker If you don’t have one already […]

How Often Do I Need To Change

How Often Do I Need To Change …

When it comes up in conversation it always interests me how often people get around to household chores. It’s always there waiting for us, but what is the rule of thumb? Is there any rhyme or reason to suggested time limits? How Often Do I Need To Change … Sheets How much do you sweat? […]