Monthly Archives: May 2010

3 Strategies For Having – And Being – More Fun

Do people tell you you’re no fun? Do you wish you could relax and enjoy yourself more? After working in large financial institutions for over a decade, I became very serious and forgot how to have fun. It was a career choice so diametrically opposed to my personality that an organizational psych once asked, ‘How […]

Mission #45: Organize Your Garden (Or Balcony, Yard or Indoor Plants)

Welcome to Mission #45 of our 52 Get Organized Missions. Your garden can be a source of beauty and joy. Don’t let disorganization spoil the pleasure – spend just 30 minutes today and make your garden into a happier place. If you’ve completed the previous mission Get Organized Mission #44: Live Within Your Home’s Boundaries, […]

BRAND NEW! Design Your Life ‘Lifetime Membership’

We’ve been getting feedback that people would like to join the Design Your Life e-Program with a single payment – versus monthly subscription payments. And they’d like a substantial price reduction for doing so, thank you very much! So we’re pleased to introduce the brand new Design Your Life ‘Lifetime Membership’. Join Up In Whichever […]

Get Organized in 5 Minutes: Fashion a First Aid Kit

Here’s something you can do to get better organized – and it’ll take you just 5 minutes! Fashion a First Aid Kit   Make a list of items you need for a first aid kit – including bandages, medicines, antiseptics and other emergency supplies appropriate for your family’s needs. Check your bathroom cabinet and identify […]

Organizing Mission #44: Live Within Your Home’s Boundaries

Welcome to Mission #44 of our 52 Get Organized Missions. If you can’t get organized because you have more stuff than space, then this mission is tailor-made for you. Having found success with the last mission Get Organized Mission #43: How To Declutter Your To Do List  it’s time to tackle another area of your life. […]

This Month’s Winner is…

Congratulations to Lori O – this month’s lucky winner! Read Lori O’s comment. We’ll be contacting Lori by email in the next few days to award her prize – a complete 12-month Design Your Life Program. April Prize: Design Your Life Membership Design Your Life is a comprehensive, step-by-step e-program for achieving your goals, organizing […]

How To Declutter Your To-Do List [Organizing Mission #43]

Welcome to Mission #43 of our 52 Get Organized Missions. An unrealistic to-do list undermines your effectiveness in two ways: Having too many tasks distracts, overwhelms and confuses you – taking focus away from items that matter Inability to complete items de-motivates you and reduces your self confidence. Give your productivity and motivation an instant […]

Design Your Life UPDATE: Cool New Stuff For Members

We’ve made some great enhancements to the Design Your Life program! You Get 7 Modules Immediately We’ve removed the incremental aspect of the program and made the first 7 modules available to all members. That means right from day one of your membership, you get immediate access to: Personal Development Health & Fitness Career & […]

52 Organizing Missions UPDATE: Get Workbook 3 Free!

Workbook 3 of our very popular 52 Organizing Missions program will be out later this month. Thousands of people around the world are using these motivating, 30-minute missions to organize their homes, cars, offices, time – their whole lives! Read some of the 52 Organizing Missions success stories for yourself. Get Workbook 3 Free If […]

Simplify Your Life – Time [Organizing Mission #42]

Welcome to Mission #42 of our 52 Get Organized Missions. If your life is overstretched and you feel out of control, then use this organizing mission to cull your commitments. If you’ve completed the previous mission Get Organized Mission #41: Simplify Your Life Possessions, congratulations! This mission will help you simplify your time wasting activities. […]