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How To Get Your Groove Back (THEN You Can Get Organized)

Recently on my Facebook Page I was asked how to get organized when you’re feeling completely exhausted and unmotivated. I bet a lot of people wonder about that! So here’s an edited version of my reply. Step 1: Get Your Groove Back Forget about organizing for now, and focus instead on re-building your confidence and […]

6 Exercises For Improving Your Relationship

Note: This is an edited extract from e-class 41 of the Relationships module of the Design Your Life Program. When we stop and think about what’s most important to us, we often say ‘relationships’. But we rarely, if ever, proactively take inventory of our relationships, or consciously think of ways to improve them. If your […]

Reality Check: Are You Getting Organized or Just Getting STUFF?

Sometimes in the quest to get organized you can become distracted by the accoutrements. You can find yourself buying all manner of containers, books, systems and paraphernalia, none of which bring you any closer to living a simpler, more productive or more organized life. These products can be a waste of money – but that’s […]


Procrastination, Productivity, Moving and More: Links & Resources

Here are some interesting and useful articles I’ve discovered recently.
Overcome Procrastination
Ideas to help you stop procrastinating, from organizing queen Julie Morgenstern:

How do I stop procrastinating

How To Survive Your High School Reunion

Last week I went to my 25-year high-school reunion. How can that be? Most days I still feel about 12. Leading up to the reunion I chatted with my present-day friends, and was surprised that many of them dreaded the thought. Why? I got fat, said one. I wouldn’t know what to say to them, […]


Get Organized For Sickness

I spent this past week with the worst bout of flu I’ve had in years – sweats, shivers, watering eyes, headaches, the works. But I’ve made a pretty speedy recovery and I actually feel as though it’s done me some good – I feel rested and freshly motivated. And I think that’s largely because I […]