Monthly Archives: March 2014

What’s Your Learning Style?

Wikipedia quotes that Learning style is an individual’s natural or habitual pattern of acquiring and processing information in learning situations. One of the most common categorizations of learning styles is Neil Fleming’s VARK/VAK model, which includes: Visual learners Auditory learners Reading-writing preference learners Kinesthetic or tactile learners. We cover a lot of different styles of […]

Hidden Treasures in the Third Drawer Down

You know what I’m talking about, right! That third drawer down in your kitchen. The one treasure chest that holds an array of items that are mismatched, clunky, chunky or just simply a homeless, miscellaneous floater. My third drawer down currently houses: Local take-away menus Tea towels Elastic bands (off the local paper delivery) Balloons […]


5 Tips For Avoiding Housework

We talk a lot about ways to simplify your life, stay organized, keep overwhelm at bay and in general, make your life as enjoyable as possible with minimal stress. A recent Facebook post however got me thinking about all the little things we do to avoid housework. Or make it look like we’re doing something, […]

Breakfast Bravado – A Fast, No-Fuss Solution

After a couple of early starts last week decided to wise up and get organized. I started to plan out my fast, no-fuss breakfast menu, to help keep time on my side. You see, I love to snooze.  I know I may be running against the clock later, but my subconscious encourages me to enjoy […]