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Why Are New Year’s Resolutions Impossible To Achieve?

On the first day of the year millions of people make their New Year’s resolutions. More often than not, after a few days or even a few weeks, these resolutions are broken and then totally ignored. Yet despite the repeated failures, we still keep trying. Studies claim that only 12% out of 156 million people […]

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7 Days To A Stress-Free and Wonderful Christmas

Things can get very stressful during the holidays, especially at Christmas. Emotions run high and tempers are flying. It can sometimes feel like things are spiraling out of control. Why do things go south during this time of the year? There are several reasons why things can get crazy during the holidays. There are lots […]

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Get Organized To Survive Christmas Guilt-Free

There’s plenty of guilt associated with Christmas. Guilt for the comment about cousin Bob’s festive sweater. Guilt for snapping at the super slow sales assistant. Guilt for saying the gingerbread men were homemade.

Anyway, the last thing we need is more guilt about a little extra indulgence.

Here’s how to survive Christmas and avoid the guilt.

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How to Find The Perfect Gift This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and people are scrambling like bats in the middle of the night! Many of us are still confused or unsure about what perfect gift to get that special someone, not to mention all the family members! Whenever we pick a gift, we want to have the gift that they […]

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Get Organized For a Festive And Stress-Free Christmas

Tick tock, we’re on the Christmas countdown and it’s the best time to give a little thought to a few small things in preparation for the coming holidays. Everyone wants to make the holidays special and we can try to alleviate the stress by planning for the holidays. It’s a lot to think about with; financial strains […]

Declutter Cash Garage Sale

6 Ways to Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

We all buy things we don’t really need! Any die-hard Kmart shopper knows that you walk in with one thing in mind, and walk out hundreds of dollars later! This is how we build our clutter collection without even trying! That momentary joy is later shadowed by chaos and clutter in the home – which […]