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From Procrastination To Action

You may have noticed that the tag line of this site now reads ‘From Procrastination To Action’. Here’s why… From Procrastination To Action Here at Get Organized Wizard we provide tools, inspiration and motivation to help you plan quickly – so you can spend most of your time taking action. Many people fall into the […]

Simplify Your Life Quick Tip: Abandon ‘Everyday’ Versus ‘Guest’ Tableware

Want to simplify your life? Try this Quick Tip: Simplify Your Life Quick Tip #1: Abandon ‘Everyday’ Versus ‘Guest’ Tableware When it comes to crockery, cutlery and glassware, forget having separate ‘everyday’ versus ‘guest’ sets. Instead, choose tableware that is: Attractive – so you’re happy to use it with guests Decent quality – so it […]

Back-to-School Planning & Organizing [Ultimate To-Do List Pack | Home & Family Edition Customers]

This is a Tips For Customers post for Ultimate To-Do List Pack | Home & Family Edition Customers. If you’re in the throes of getting kids back to school and setting up new routines for them – and yourself – then this is a great time to take advantage of the planners, schedules and worksheets […]

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Getting Organized Quick Tip #6: How To Never Forget a Birthday or Anniversary [Outlook Users]

Can’t for the life of you remember important dates? Always in trouble for having no gift/card/ excuse on that special day? If you’re an Outlook user, this Get Organized Quick Tip will give you peace of mind – as well as getting you out of the doghouse and into the good books. Getting Organized Quick […]

Get Organized Mission #14: Organize Your Household Notebook

If your home is strewn with various lists, plans and contact info, then you’re gonna love this mission!

We’re about to create a ‘Household Notebook’ – a place for all those pieces of paper, ideas, and information.

Remember: you only need 30 minutes for the basic mission. Extended Options are below.

If you’re new, you might like to start here: 52 Organizing Missions…

Getting Organized: How To Schedule Personal Organization Reminders

Can’t remember the last time you changed the toothbrush heads? Forgotten how often you’re supposed to decalcify the coffee machine? Got a niggling feeling you’re wa-hay overdue for a dental checkup? An excellent personal organization strategy that helps to simplify your life is to get as much stuff out of your head as you can. […]

Getting Organized Quick Tip: How To Unpack Groceries For Freshness

Do you regularly find expired food in your pantry or fridge? Or discover you’ve used up fresh items with distant use-by dates, leaving you stuck with older food of dubious provenance? Here’s a very simple trick for making sure you use up older supplies first. Getting Organized Quick Tip #4: How To Unpack Groceries For […]

Organize Your Fitness: How To Create A Super-Simple Interval Training Playlist

Do you keep a constant pace when you exercise? Or do you prefer to intersperse power bursts with recovery phases? Whether you like to walk, run, jog, or row, you can introduce a simple version of interval training to your exercise routine. You don’t need to bother with complicated timings and stopwatches for this basic […]

Get Organized Mission #13: Organize Your Emergency Contacts [With Free Emergency Phone Contact List]

Welcome to Mission #13 of our 52 Get Organized Missions. Having all our emergency contact numbers in one neat list is a personal organization task we know we should tackle, but one we don’t always get around to. If you’ve created some order with your finances after completing the previous mission (Get Organized Mission #12: […]

Have Good Morning

10 Things To Do At Night For A Good Morning

The way you bid the world adieu each night affects the way the world greets you the next day.

Here are 10 simple things to do before bed that help to make the morning a good one.

Organize Your Evening Ritual: 10 Things To Do At Night For A Good Morning
1. Do a quick tidy up.

Put things away and straighten up a little. It will make all the difference to wake up and see a sense of order in your home…

Organize Your Back-Ups Please, Dear Reader (With Free Computer Back-Up Planner)

Last week my computer’s motherboard died, leaving me unplugged and mostly offline. If you have a business or your computer contains important documents or precious photos, then you know how stressful this situation could be. But, although I missed my cyber-friends and felt bereft without Xander (my laptop), I made good use of the time, […]