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Are You This Month’s Prize Winner?

I just love comments on this blog, so every month I give away an organizing product or program to someone who’s left a comment. This month the prize goes to Kana, who left a comment on the post Get Organized Mission #3: Organize Your Bill Payment. Here’s an extract: I really loved mission #1, I’ve […]


Giving Thanks: 5 Little Notes Of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends! In the spirit of this day, I thought I’d share 5 things I’m feeling especially grateful for. Remember, feeling grateful makes you happier – so think about what you’re thankful for, too. (BTW – Have you downloaded your free Gratitude List?) 5 Thank-You Notes Dear Mean, Mega-Ambitious Person At […]

Get Organized For Thanksgiving

Get Organized For A Happy Thanksgiving (With 2 Thank-You Gifts For You)

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it’s a great time for me to say a heartfelt thank you to my customers and readers. I really cherish you guys. And your intelligence and striking good looks are without parallel. Anyway, here are 2 little Thanksgiving-y resources from me, to help you to be: More organized […]

Simplify Your Life: What Not To Buy

So far in this Simplify Your Life series, we’ve found ways to:

Simplify Your Closet (What Not To Wear)
Simplify Your To-Do List (What Not To Do).

Today, let’s consider how to simplify your stuff – at least new stuff that comes into your life – by streamlining the things you buy.
Simplify Your Stuff: What Not To Buy

Are You An Over-Saver?

I used to be someone who saved things up. A new pair of boots, a box of premium tea, a gift of my favorite perfume – new things got put aside until the ideal occasion. There was a certain pleasure in knowing I had something special waiting for me, for one day. But often I’d […]

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Improve Email Productivity With Bullet Points

Want to spend less time on emails but wary of sounding rude if you’re too brief?
Here’s the answer.

Write all your emails and replies in bullet points.
Add a note to your signature file to say you’re using bullet points to boost productivity.