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Organize Your Home In 5 Minutes A Day – Special Offer!

You can transform your home and your life in just 5-10 minutes a day, over 30 days. It’s easy, and even fun, with our simple, step-by-step tasks. 30 Days To YOUR Organized Home! Our 30 Days To An Organized Home program guides you to complete easy and motivating tasks so you can make a fresh start and be less cluttered and more organized. Previously […]

Practical Benefits of Ditching the Clutter

If you could reinvent your physical space, what would each room in your house look like? Take a minute to think about your home and how each room currently looks. Does clutter or mess stress you out? Do you feel burdened with having to tidy up before you can even start to think about cleaning? Are there […]

Before & After Pics – 7 Days To An Organized Home Office

If you’re still thinking about joining our new online program 7 Days To An Organized Home Office, this may be just the inspiration you need  to sign up! You can find the BEFORE pics from our last session here. You can find our AFTER pics from our last session here: The next live program starts Monday 12 May […]

Is Productivity Contagious?

Do you have one of those friends who always seems to have it together? He’s always on time, she never appears rushed, her house looks clean and tidy whenever you pop in, he makes amazing dinners with (what looks like) minimal effort. I’m always inspired by those people who seem to be able to get the […]

7 Days Home Office

7 Days To An Organized Home Office – Starts Monday 12 May!

  What’s your biggest home office challenge? Too many paper piles? Ineffective filing systems? Unsatisfactory habits in dealing with clutter? We’re running the program live, starting Monday 12 May. This is one of our most popular programs, with lots of people finding success: I am wiping down my desk and looking at the good work achieved […]