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Clear Closet Clutter Fast!

Do you have plenty of clothes in your closet – yet nothing to wear? Then you’ll want to join us from Monday 3 February for one of my most popular programs: 14 Days to an Organized Closet. 14 Days To An Organized Closet I’ll help you look your best and give a sense of order to your wardrobe. Together we’ll […]

Getting organized for a road trip

My Top 10 Tips For Surviving a Road Trip With The Kids

It’s summer here in Australia, which means that for most us, January is prime-time to take a break. Some families go camping. Others take a flight to a spectacular destination. My little family does an annual road trip. We travel over 1,000kms (or 621 miles), each way. The trip usually involves a beach holiday vacation, […]

Be More Productive – In Just One Week

Is one of your goals for 2014 to be more productive? To improve your time management skills? Then you’ll want to join us for one of my most popular programs: 7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management. Mindset Shifts For Better Productivity And Time Management Yep – in just one week we tackle all the stuff […]

My Personal Values And Goals For The New Year

Do you set goals each year? Make New Year’s resolutions? I generally set goals for the year, but I’m open to things changing, priorities shifting. I’m happy to switch direction as unexpected ideas and opportunities unfold. Maybe this is denial-speak for the fact that I let myself get distracted. Regardless, I do like to start […]

Schedule For 2014

Introducing The 2014 Program Schedule Schedules are awesome, right? Who doesn’t love a good schedule? I sure do! So this year I’m experimenting with a set calendar of my programs, both existing and new. You still have the option of doing my programs whenever you want, completely at your own time and pace. But I think you’ll […]

New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Can Keep (But Maybe They Shouldn’t…)

This was my favorite post about New Year’s Resolutions this year. I liked it so much I thought I’d share it here! My faves are: See the world – with the magic of the internet Don’t spend too much time wearing pants Take every disappointment as a reason to give up Something, something saving money […]

How People Treat Others Is A Reflection Of Themselves

This little insight can save us a buttload of pain.  When we get snarky customer service, when someone is mean or nasty, when we cannot seem to please that relative or friend. We don’t have to take it personally and feel rejected.  But nor should we get all het up thinking they’re an awful human […]