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Organized For Guests

How To Get Organized With Unexpected Visitors

I love it when people drop in unexpectedly. It’s exciting and I get a real rush from it. However, there’s also a little sense of panic! If you don’t get advance notice and it’s actually a “ding-dong, hello we’ve come to visit” situation, then you’ll just have to wing it! But if you’re lucky enough to get advance […]

Results or Excuses

Excuses Procrastinators Make …

Procrastination. The art of keeping up with yesterday! Are you a procrastinator? Take a look at some of the typical excuses procrastinators make. It this you? Excuses Procrastinators Make At least I got it handed in on time.  I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll get to it later. No rush! It will be there waiting for me in the […]

Simple Living

8 Ways I Simplified My Life

Living with daily household chaos and disorder stresses me out. When I don’t focus on living simply and being organized, I feel: overwhelmed cranky unhappy with the world envious of others. When I do focus on living simply and being organized, I feel: calmer happier able to manage my time better clear-headed happy with the world grateful […]