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Procrastination Tips

Stop Procrastinating & Get Stuff Done

Procrastination. We all do it — and we all hate it. What’s worse is that often we can’t even control it. We know we’re procrastinating, but we just can’t get up and do anything. If you want to stop procrastinating, it’s going to take some work. You’re going to have to change the way that you think; you’re […]

Other People's Clutter

How To Live With A Messy Partner & Not Lose Your Mind

Why is the laundry not folded? Why are the breakfast dishes still in the sink at dinner time? Why are all of the jars open? Living with a messy partner can be one of the most frustrating things about your spouse. Sometimes it can seem like you just can’t get through to them. But messy and clean “odd […]

Small Home Office Space

8 Ways To Deal With Small Home Office Space

People work at home in rising numbers. More than four out of 10 American workers do so regularly, according to the New York Times. Working from home can have many advantages, but sometimes space is not one of them! Do you work from home in a tiny office space? We know an organized work space […]

Home Office Organization

The Essential Checklist For An Organized & Inspiring Home Office

There’s hardly anything as distracting as a messy, cluttered office. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know where to get started. Not only does your office space need to be efficiently managed, but it also has to be inspiring and motivating – and that’s a lot of work. Use our simple checklist to get the […]

Tips For Overwhelm

Quick Tips To Overcome The Feeling Of Overwhelm

Do you need some motivation to help you get things done today? Work through those feelings of overwhelm with these quick tips. Quick Tips To Overcome The Feeling Of Overwhelm 1. Determine Tasks vs Projects Tasks are small and doable things. Projects are big tasks that require planning and time management. Equate each thing you need to do […]