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Stop Binge Eating

10 Simple Tips For Avoiding A Binge

“I have problem with maintaining the changes that I make for a long lasting impact. It is easy for me to revert back to my old ways.”   Sound familiar? We all struggle to get ourselves into a healthy frame of mind when strolling past eating delights that tempt us to our very soul! Today we are […]

Overeating Habits

How to Avoid Stress and Emotional Eating

One of our members was lamenting over stress eating and how it became a problem. “Stress eating, reward eating, celebration eating, you name it. My other biggest problem is never making exercise a priority over family and house needs. I have trouble taking time to exercise when the house is a mess and the “me” I do take […]

stop procrastinating

Why We Procrastinate

A British study reveals that an average worker wastes 43 minutes a day postponing tasks which costs business £76 billion a year! A tenth of the country’s national debt! Procrastination can cost you emotionally, physically and financially (aside from the fact that it’s costing your employer too). Simply because the act of postponing a task is not […]

Simplify Life

How To Keep A Sense Of Humor When Losing Weight

Weight loss is a constant struggle & for most of us … definitely not fun! It’s terrible feeling bummed out while you’re trying to lose weight. We’re going to focus on losing weight and not losing your sense humor! Shedding those extra pounds is a process, and it can be long and arduous.  Some hard work is required […]