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Getting Organized Quick Tip: How To Short-Circuit Perfectionism and Procrastination

If you’re a (a) perfectionist and/or (b) procrastinator, here’s a quick tip for you. Getting Organized Quick Tip #1: Don’t over-engineer. Start with the simple version. Lower your target and you may well improve your aim.   This applies whether you’re organizing your closet, decluttering the living room, starting an exercise program or anything else. […]

Organizing Missions Update: More Tasks To Help Organize Your Life and Achieve Your Goals Coming Soon!

If you’re one of the first to have committed to 52 Organizing Missions on the blog (as opposed to the 52 Organizing Missions e-program, which is right on track), don’t worry – your new missions are coming! I’m a little behind, thanks to an intense conference followed by the obligatory post-conference handshake-induced flu (uh, yuk!). […]

Organized and disorganized business women

How To Deal With OPD – Other People’s Disorganization

If you have a question personal organization, decluttering, simplicity, or goals, simply post your question on my Facebook page. Here’s a recent one… Q: There’s a fellow manager at work who’s a train wreck – and they don’t realize it. How do you help someone who’s clearly not organized but who thinks they’re doing fine? […]

Get Organized Mission #7: Be Happy!

Welcome to Mission #7 of our 52 Organizing Missions. So far we’ve spent our 30-minute missions decluttering our homes, detoxing our handbags, briefcases and cars, sorting our bills and messages, and saying no to free stuff we simply don’t need. This week we deserve a reward! So this week’s mission is all about being happy. […]

11 Great Reasons To Be Happy

You may know I researched and wrote a thesis on happiness for the honors year of my psych degree. During that year I learned many fabulous, life-changing things about being happy – even for people who aren’t ‘born happy’ – and I’ll share these with you over time. One of the most wonderful things I […]

Get Organized For Moving House: My Top 3 Tips

If you have a question on personal organization, decluttering, simplicity, or goals, feel free to ask away on my Facebook page. Here’s a recent one…     Q: So what are the getting organized tips for moving house? The only thing I can think of is leave it to your wife to do. A: Excessive spousal […]