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Organized Kids Activities

Let’s Get Organized For After-School Activities

My life has never been busier since I became a school mom.  My laid back approach to time management and home organization got a rude awakening. All it took was a few stressful mornings and afternoons of mismanagement to make me realize that I needed to make some changes. And it’s true, small changes can make […]

Kids Birthday Party

Get Organized For Birthday Parties

March is a crazy time for me. Not only was my youngest son born in March, but so (it appears) were most of his friends. What on earth were all of these parents celebrating nine months prior? (Insert smirk here). The month of March is party central. My five-year-old’s social life is significantly more active than mine, […]

Organized Car

Get Organized With Car Hacks, Tricks and Tips!

Simple car hacks, tricks and tips Here are some simple car hacks, tricks and tips to keep you organized while you’re out and about! 1. Stamps Keeping stamps in the glove compartment means you’re always ready to post! 2. Silicone Cake Liners These little gems are perfect for lining your cup holders so they don’t […]