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Season’s Greetings from Get Organized Wizard

Thank you so much for your interest, comments and support in the short time the Get Organized Blog and Get Organized Tips newsletter have been going. Stay tuned for heaps of great tips and strategies ahead… Here’s to a happy and organized 2009! Ciao for now, Michele Technorati Tags: Season’s Greetings,Christmas,2009,Get Organized Blog,Get Organized Tips

Organize Your Living Room for Holiday Entertaining: 15 Targets for Clutter Blindness

Has your living room been hidden beneath clutter so long you’ve forgotten what your coffee table looks like – or whether you have one? Hint: If you’ve been contacted for an Oprah Horror Hoarders taping then the answer is probably oh yes. During the festive season people like to entertain, visit family and friends, share […]


Organize Your Eating: The Top 10 Diet Mistakes

At this time of year people are thinking about food – planning Christmas meals, facing too much festive fare, or resolving to have better eating habits in the new year. I can’t help you with the first, since I shop in the domestically-disabled section (near the Who Are You Kidding faux frypans). But if you’re […]

The sky is falling (I just hope it doesn’t land on my plasma TV)

We all know times are tough – at least compared to the recent past. Let’s be honest, though. For most of us computer-addicted, latte-sipping, iPhone-using Chicken-Littles, the impact of the falling firmament is not as dramatic as the lamenting and sighing and woe-is-me-ing would suggest. But how do we keep perspective when everyone around us […]

Getting Organized for a Better Memory: Use Smart Reminders

If you want to remember something, how do you remind yourself? By telling yourself ‘I better not forget…’? Yelling ‘Hey [person you’re with], remind me to…’? A note in a diary? A post-it on your screen? These reminders ignore how your mind works. You don’t check your reminder repository before everything you do, so things […]

Gym Organization

Organize Your Health and Fitness: How to Dodge Gym Germs

If you’re a regular gym-goer, you know what a hotbed of germs a gym can be. Here’s a simple tip for getting a little insulation from the icky stuff left behind on yoga mats, cardio equipment and weight machines. How to Dodge Gym Germs Use the ‘sides’ of your towel. Let the label/tag side always […]

Organize Your Finances: An Overflow of Online Financial Calculators

Millionaire Mommy Next Door has tracked down a veritable overflow (I know it’s not a collective noun, but I like the alliteration) of online calculators. They’ll help you ponder all kinds of financial scenarios, such as: How does my salarycompare with others in my profession? Should I pay ahead on my mortgageor invest the money […]

Get Organized for Better Quality Rest/Recreation: Have a TV Viewing Policy

I’m a huge TV fan – HUGE. As an introvert, screenwriting aficionado and general geek I can happily while away entire decades chuckling with Chandler and Joey, navigating world crises with Jed, whacking upstarts with Tony, staking vamps with Willow and Xander, and making huge mistakes with Gob. I never turn off these shows thinking […]

Get Organized for Better Productivity: Design a Productivity Ritual

For most of us the workday consists of 2 activity types:  ‘Out There‘ and ‘In Here‘. Out There are meetings, emails, conversations – interactions with others to communicate, advance projects and solve problems. In Here are little buds of creation, thinking and expression – conflations of knowledge, talent, idea and experience that often produce the […]