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Want To Boost Your Mood – Boost Your Color Choices!

Does the secret to looking good and feeling great lie within the color-scheme of your closet? Research into the social psychology of dress indicates that the color emotion we attach to clothes can greatly affect our mood. In a study by college students, they found that there was a relationship between color and emotion. The […]

Wardrobe organization

Why It’s Hard To Clear Closet Clutter And What You Can Do About It

It’s hard to clear closet clutter when you have mental and emotional chains that keep you holding on to clothes you don’t wear or need. We can help you break those mental and emotional chains, that will help you clear closet clutter fast. So far, more than 900 people have completed our 14-Day Organize Your Closet […]

Organized Bathroom Kids

14 Tips To Organize A Child-Friendly Bathroom

This guest post is written by Lori Longoria from   A thoughtful design makes a bathroom safe for babies and children, and careful planning allows it to “grow” with them. How well the bathroom will fit the lifestyle of your children depends on your personal preferences, and on your budget. Setting up a new bathroom […]

Summer Tips Organized

20 Quick Ways To Organize Your Home This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for you to organize your home. But organizing your home doesn’t have to be time consuming. Through small actions you can eventually save time and money. 1. Focus On One Room At A Time When you’re organizing your home, don’t try to do it all at once; you’re just going […]