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productive home business

4 Productivity Tips For Home-Based Businesses

One of the great things about being your own boss is that you can determine your own pace and schedule. But individuals who are working from home for the first time often find themselves facing obstacles that they wouldn’t encounter when working at someone else’s company. In particular, as a home-based businessperson, you may feel […]

Home Based Business Distractions

Stop Distracting Me! The Challenge in Running Your Home Business

Studies have shown that home office workers can improve their productivity up to 13.5 percent over in-office workers. But it can certainly feel as though you can’t get anything done when you work from home. Working from home is often filled with distractions and this can ultimately lead to a loss of efficiency. Working at Home Doesn’t […]

Clutter Free Home Business

9 Ways to Create Minimalism In Your Office Decor

This is a guest post by Modern Garden Rooms Minimalism and decluttering are quite literally best friends, soul mates and lifelong partners. It’s all about the mindset of eliminating the unnecessary things, being conscious of the things we consume but most importantly how it influences the way we decorate our living and working space. According […]