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Procrastination After vacation

Procrastination Busters – Tips For Going Back To Work After The Holidays

There is always some dread in returning to work after a holiday. It’s challenging and most of the time, it affects productivity. Yes, we’ve all been there and procrastination at this time can be a really strong enemy! The procrastination you feel builds up and your stress levels rise. Especially if you’re still thinking of […]

Stay Organized

Let’s Get Organized: Monthly Roundup With FREE To-Do Lists

March was a great month for organization tips. Here’s a collection of articles from our fellow organizing friends. Who else finds peace and inspiration from scrolling through organizing websites? To help you stay more organized, we’ve rounded up recent helpful blog posts from our favorite sites. Here’s the latest go-to for tackling all of your organizing dilemmas. This month […]


In Pursuit Of Happiness – The Reward Is Real

Happiness is said to be elusive. Us humans often try to equate happiness with reaching goals. Are we looking in the right place for happiness? Are we our own worst enemy when it comes to trying to achieve happiness? You can be truly happy without the external motivations – by changing your perceptions. Things Happy People Do Differently Taking […]

tips for closet clutter

How To Get Dressed In The Morning

This is a guest post from Tiffany Franklin from Safestore – the UK’s No.1 choice for self storage. Safestore the things you love. The morning routine is a daunting prospect if you’re not an early bird and it can take one small delay – such as ice on your windscreen or a missing shoe – to […]