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Why Clutter Happens

What’s hidden beneath your clutter? Can you identify with any of these: You wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time You own several pieces of the same kind of furniture at once You buy the same shoes in different colours. Those who tend to collect stuff will have emotional ties that bind them to physical clutter. […]

Get Organized But Have A Chronic Illness

Managing Chronic Illness & Staying Organized

  Often when we run our online programs we get comments from people who are afraid of falling behind. Especially those people with a chronic illness. It depends how I’m feeling that day as to whether I can complete the task I can’t always complete the task so I’ll have to come back to it […]

Empty Nesters Advice

Financial Tips For Empty Nesters

Parents left with an empty nest often have to deal with the emotional and psychological ordeal of letting their children go. These mixed emotions can be overwhelming. Parents deal with it through various ways and diversions. It’s not only emotionally taxing, it can also pose dilemmas on finances – either you have a newfound financial freedom or you could suddenly […]

Organize Technology

How To Organize Your Tech Gadgets

In the era of connectivity, we own and use several gadgets at once. Smart phones, laptops, personal computers, iPads and tablets have become part of our everyday life. These gadgets store a huge range of apps and software which often means we need to manage digital clutter too. If your device is cluttered with apps or your […]