Monthly Archives: March 2016

Spring Happiness

Spring Clean Your Happiness

Spring signals the winter’s end, regrowth and it’s a  prerequisite to summer fun. From spring, springs hope and happiness! For a lot of us, the new season signals spring cleaning, reopening of windows and dusting away winter’s memories. It can mean there is a lot of work to do, but it still brings everybody into a brighter mood […]

Clear Closet Clutter

Don’t Let A Season Change Lead To Closet Woe

There’s no better time to get started with your wardrobe seasonal switch. Our northern hemisphere friends are embracing spring, while our southern hemisphere friends have started autumn. Whichever hemisphere you live in, sometimes the seasonal change in clothes can bring new dilemmas. These dilemmas might be due to: weight gain or loss a change in hair colour which means a change […]

Clutter Free Desk

Six Easy Ways To A Clutter-Free Desk

Do you have: a messy desk paper piles drawers overloaded with stationery items an uncanny ability to lose or forget about things a disorganized system (no system!) for staying organized? I’m sure you know that desk clutter can affect your performance and productivity. But that doesn’t stop you from piling pieces of paper near the computer or […]

Souvenir Clutter

How to Deal With Holiday Souvenirs

The holiday highlight for many of us is the shopping! Oh, the treasures found. Now … where to put them? Organizing Your Holiday Souvenirs It might be a t-shirt from Thailand, or nesting dolls from Russia. An uber pretty figurine from Italy, or a beer stein from Germany. Once you get home and the after-glow of the […]

Clutter Free Home

Is Your Brain To Blame For Your Clutter?

To be able to let go of clutter, we must first understand its possessive power. The Clutter Collection There are several reasons why we collect clutter. Why we can’t seem to let go of things we have gathered over time. We can blame our brain power! In a study conducted by researchers at Yale, it has […]