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Simplify Your Life - 21 Days To Regain Calm And Happiness

Simplify Your Life – 21 Days To Regain Calm And Happiness

  It’s that time again! One of our favorite programs is about to run a live session. It’s the 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge – and it starts Monday 7 July (US time). Is The 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge For Me? Do you: Feel overwhelmed? Have too much stuff in your life? Have too little time? Wonder if your priorities are out of […]

woman on sick leave with tea and medicines. cold, cold and flu s

Sick & Working From Home? Stay Productive!

We are well & truly into flu season here in Sydney and this week I’ve been crash-tackled by the bug. Restless nights, headaches, aches and pains, fevers, sweats. Urggghhh. Please, pur-leez my body, get well soon! When you run a business from home or have the flexibility to work from home a lot, you tend to […]

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Ways To Maintain Your Mindset

  We kicked off our 30-Days To An Organized Home program this week, so it’s the perfect time to talk about maintaining your mindset. For some, 30 days is a long time to commit to an online program. I tend to find that members are super-eager in the early days of the program, and then the number of […]