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Life is full of things you can’t control. But there’s a lovely sense of peace that comes from having order in the space you can control – your home.

Yet creating that order can seem impossible.

With work, family, friends, and any kind of personal life (what’s that again?), there’s not much time left for turning your home into an Architectural Digest spread.

Which is why my strategies focus on two things:

  1. Ways to get rid of clutter fast
  2. Clever habits for keeping your home organized.

And because life is complicated enough, my strategies are simple.

For instance:

  • Whenever you buy a new pair of shoes, piece of clothing, book, gadget, toy, or whatever, get rid of an old one (I call this OCI-OGO – one comes in, one goes out). This strategy alone can put an end to clutter creep.
  • Whatever task you’re doing – whether working at your computer, cooking dinner, playing a game with the kids, or watching TV – make cleaning up and putting everything away part of the activity. Factor this clean-up time into the time you allow for the task. This idea can change the way your home works.

I’ve written a range of products that offer hundreds of strategies like these. They’re designed to help you take action to declutter, simplify, organize, and create a happier home – quickly and simply.

Home Organization Products

All my products are interactive, downloadable PDFs. They’re environmentally friendly (no freight, and you only print what you want) and instantly available.

52 Organizing Missions

  • This is one of my most popular products, because it gets you to organize your home, time, and schedule in only 30 minutes a week – nice and achievable. Plus you see results fast – so it’s also rewarding and motivating.
  • Each ‘mission’ takes you step-by-step through an area and guides you to declutter, streamline, and organize it. The steps are super-easy to follow.
  • There are options to include the family – which is great if you want to teach the kids better home habits.
  • There are online check-ins to keep you accountable – which helps keep up the momentum.
  • The combination of short missions, simple steps, and online check-ins really works – as you can see in the hundreds of success stories.

30-Day Organize-athon Pack

  • I wrote this program for people who want to declutter their home in one month. Perhaps you’re moving house or have an occasion coming up. Or maybe you’re just sick of the clutter and want it gone now.
  • There are daily actions that take about 5 – 10 minutes each, and target the main areas of household clutter.
  • This program focusses on super-fast results, so there are fewer tasks and they’re less thorough than the missions in 52 Organizing Missions. Many people start with 30-Day Organize-athon Pack to kickstart their home organization project and then move on to 52 Organizing Missions for an even simpler, better organized home.

Organize In 5 Diary

  • I created this product especially for people who prefer doing something small every day over bursts of decluttering. There are mini-tasks for every day of the year. You just go to today and follow the assigned steps.
  • People with ADHD or a tendency to over-think tell me they like this approach.
  • Although it’s a small amount of time and effort each day, the gains add up. And because it never feels like you’re doing much, I think of this product as organizing by stealth.
  • This is also a good choice for people who want to create a decluttering habit for life.

Home Organization Strategies

  • This booklet contains 44 of my blog articles on topics such as decluttering your home, simplifying your life, living with less stuff, and organizing your space. It’s filled with ideas and inspiration for a more organized home.

Home Organization Worksheets

  • Because an organized household takes thinking and planning, I designed worksheets for all those things you need to plan, schedule, and organize for your home and family.
  • More than 215 worksheets cover chores, family schedules, meal planning, shopping lists, checklists, planners, to-do lists – everything I could think of.
  • The worksheets are all interactive – so you can type, save, edit, search, and print.
  • And I took some trouble to make them attractive and nicely organized for you too.

Premium Subscription

  • This is an annual subscription for people who want the best value.
  • You get everything currently in my store as well as everything I add to the store while you’re a member. Plus some secret bonuses 🙂

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