How do I cancel my Premium Subscription?

The process for cancelling your subscription will depend on whether you paid using PayPal, or directly via a Credit Card:

Credit Card

We have recently added direct credit card subscriptions on the site.

To cancel a Credit Card subscription, please contact our friendly Support team and we’ll cancel this for you manually.
(In future we will be adding the ability to cancel directly from your account).


To cancel your Premium Subscription (and ensure there are no future charges) simply log in to PayPal and cancel it from your pre-approved payments screen.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Log into PayPal
  2. From your  My Account page, click on the Profile section
  3. From the My Money tab, choose to Update ‘My pre-approved payments’
  4. Look for a subscription to Happiness Strategies Pty Ltd
  5. Click into the pre-approved payment
  6. Click Cancel

PayPal subscriptions


If you have any questions regarding your subscription, please contact our Helpdesk team.

Do I need a Paypal account?

You do not need a Paypal account. You can make your purchase using Paypal or a credit card.

Paypal is our payment gateway, so payments are processed via the secure Paypal system.

If you wish to use a credit card, select the credit card option when you proceed through the checkout:

Select the Credit Card option

Then fill in your credit card details:

Use your Credit Card details

Are the forums still available?

Because our community is most active on the blog and on the Get Organized Wizard Facebook page, we’re now focusing more on those areas.

We are now in the process of shutting down the forums.

Can I upgrade to a Premium Subscription?

If you’ve previously made a purchase from Get Organized Wizard then you can upgrade to a Premium Subscription.  

Email helpdesk@getorganizedwizard.com with your order details and we’ll provide you with an upgrade coupon.

How do I get started with the Premium Subscription?

Since the Premium Subscription contains a number of products it can appear a little overwhelming at first.

This post gives a good overview of how to use the Premium Subscription for maximum benefit:

(see the end of the post, for tips on which product to start with)

I can’t access my task

This FAQ applies to customers who have purchased one of the following:

  • Premium Subscription
  • 7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management
  • 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge
  • 7 Days to an Organized Home Office
  • 14 Days to an Organized Closet

but are having trouble accessing the daily tasks.

Before contacting Customer Support please check the following:

First step: Refresh Your Browser

Try refreshing your browser by pressing:

  • Ctrl + F5 on Windows
  • Ctrl + R on Mac

If that doesn’t show your task, then:

1. Are you using the same email address that you purchased with?

This is by far the most common issue we encounter.

Customers have purchased with one email address (eg their work email address) but are then trying to log in with another (eg using a personal email address).

In this case, you’ll receive an error message stating that the email address doesn’t exist.

Solution: Check which email address you purchased with.

2. Did you mis-spell your email address when purchasing?

This is the second most common issue we find.

Sometimes during the checkout process customers have a typo in their email address. And then later they can’t log in, and instead receive an error that their email address doesn’t exist.

Resolution: After every purchase you should receive an email confirmation from us (usually immediately, sometimes it takes a few minutes). If you never received an order confirmation from us (but did receive a payment confirmation from PayPal), then chances are there’s a typo in your email address you entered on our site. If so, simply contact helpdesk@getorganizedwizard.com and we’ll try to find your order and fix it up. Please give us as many details as possible (eg your full name, approximate time of order) to help us track your order down.

3. Have you logged in properly?

Depending on your browser settings, you may have to log in every time you access the site.

Even though you can access your dashboard, you may not be logged in, and thus can’t see the full details.

Resolution: Every page has a log in box at the top right of the page – check if you are logged in.

4. Have you tried logging in on another machine/device?

We’ve found that sometimes customers can’t log in on their mobile device, even though it is fine on a desktop computer.

This indicates that your account is fine, but that there is something strange happening on your mobile device.

The most common issue is that they are using the Facebook app (or an email App) and viewing the Get Organized Wizard program from the app. Apps often have built in browsers, that can affect caching and login on other sites.

Resolution: Try logging in on your desktop computer first – this will highlight whether it is an issue with your account, or is something to do with your device.
Next: Try opening Safari on your iPad/mobile, and logging in again.

5. Did your PayPal purchase fully complete?

Sometimes customers start an order, proceed to the Checkout, proceed to PayPal, but then don’t complete the payment.

How to check: after a successful purchase you will receive an order confirmation email from us AND a payment confirmation email from PayPal. The PayPal confirmation will have a Transaction ID in it. If you definitely completed your purchase but still don’t have access, if possible please include the transaction ID in your email to us.

6. Did you Cancel your Premium Subscription?

All our programs are available to current Premium Subscribers.

However, if you cancel your Premium Subscription this will discontinue access to the programs (although you will still have access to your downloads).

Still not working?

No problem, simply email helpdesk@getorganizedwizard.com or use our Helpdesk form here, and provide as much detail as possible, and we’ll investigate further for you.

My PDF isn’t interactive

If you’ve downloaded one of our interactive PDF products (Eg the Diaries, Life & Goal Organizer, the Worksheet products) and can view but can’t enter into the PDF, read on…

This is usually due to having an older version of Adobe Reader, and is solved by simply updating the latest version, available here:

How do I update my payment details

We use PayPal as our payment processor, so that all your payment details are kept safe and secure (we never see them).

To update your credit card details, you simply:
1. Log in to PayPal: https://www.paypal.com
2. Look under the Profile menu
3. Select ‘Add or edit credit card’
4. Choose the card you wish to edit and update it, OR Add a new card to be used

Update your credit card details in PayPal

How do I join a group doing one of the Programs?

Over the course of the year we complete programs as a group. You can always check for upcoming groups on the Program Schedule andlearn more about the way the Schedule works here.
To join a group, all you need is access to the program, either by:
  1. Being a Premium Subscriber
  2. Purchasing the program you want to complete in our store.

Then simply go to the program dashboard via your My Account page.

From there you can sign up for email reminders and leave comments on each day’s pages.
I think you’ll love joining us and doing them together as a group. It’s always heaps of fun and super motivating, not to mention a great way to get that much-needed accountability. Plus you have Kylie and/or me right there to answer questions and support you as you go.

How does the Premium Subscription work?

What is Premium Subscription?

Premium Subscription is an annual subscription to receive all the products in our store.

Your annual payment gives you:

  • Every product on the Get Organized Wizard store when you join.
    You can see the current products on the Included Products tab.
  • Every product added to the Get Organized Wizard store while you are a member.
    New products are automatically added to your account and you receive a notification that your order had been updated.

Am I charged every year?

Premium Subscription is an annual subscription and you are charged every year on the anniversary of your membership, while you remain a member.

This is done automatically by PayPal, and you receive a Paypal notification that the charge has been made.

What if I want to cancel my Premium Subscription?

You can cancel your Premium Subscription at any time from your Paypal account. See this FAQ for details.

Do I keep the products if I cancel my Premium Subscription?

You can download your products to your computer. They are yours to keep.

However, once you cancel your Premium Subscription you no longer have access to your account. You cannot download products again and you don’t receive new products.

I’m an existing customer, can I upgrade?

Yes, see here for details.

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