By Michele Connolly

7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Self

With a change of season upon us, now’s a great time for a spot of spring cleaning.

But instead of focussing on the external environment, let’s start with ourselves.

By tidying up mental habits and self-talk on the inside, we can make life a lot more happy and ordered on the outside too.

Here are 7 simple but powerful ways to spring clean your self.

1. Raise Your Offense Threshold

You can liberate a great deal of energy by choosing not to get offended by things people do or say.

Most of the time, people don’t mean to be rude – they simply choose the wrong words, or are distracted, or are having a bad day.

And on the rare occasion that someone does intend to be mean, it’s more about their own pain than you. Happy people aren’t nasty!

You’ll save yourself a good deal of energy and distress by choosing not to take offense. That’s more energy for achieving your goals!

2. Go On A Complaining Diet

This one is challenging, but well worth the effort.

Unhappy about the way things are? Do something to fix it, ask for what you want, but don’t complain.

Your friends having an ain’t-it-awful party? Change the subject, offer a different perspective, but don’t join in.

Take the energy you would normally sink into complaining and take action instead.

You’re more likely to get what you want, to feel empowered, and to be more fun to be around. đŸ™‚

3. Tell Everyone – Including Yourself – That You’re Organized

If you’re always telling everyone how chaotic your life is, it’s time to try singing a different song.

Pretend you’re organized, tell yourself you’re organized, and if in doubt, ask yourself what an organized person would do. You’ll know the answer!

When you tell yourself how disorganized your life is, you give yourself a narrow range of options for handling your life. Add the (for now, possibly fake) idea that you’re actually pretty organized, and you get to pick from a wider range of choices.

If you’re going to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, you might as well choose one that works for you.

4. Install a Worry Switch

If you’re a worrier, then you’ll love this.

The thing about worry is that it sucks you into an endless loop. You can’t solve the problem with worry, yet you can’t stop worrying without a solution, so you stay stuck in pointless rumination.

As long as you’re engaging with unproductive thoughts, there’s no way out, so you have to short-circuit the conversation.

One cool trick is to picture a worry switch in your mind. When you find yourself repeatedly re-hashing old worries, simply the flick the switch to the off position.

It sounds simple, but because it avoids words it can be extremely effective. Try it!

5. Only Splurge If It’s Really Worth It

This goes for time, calories, money – everything.

Only go all out for things that really matter to you, and say a gentle but firm no to everything else.

Don’t buy things you don’t need or love, don’t overeat desserts you could take or leave, and don’t commit to time-consuming projects you aren’t passionate about.

Put your time, money, energy and life where it matters to you.

6. Give Everything An Extra 10%

Let the change of season be a signal to raise your game.

Give an extra 10% to your work, your family, your exercise program, your decluttering project – everything you do!

You will not collapse from exhaustion or shatter into little pieces.

If you adopt the preceding five strategies, then you’ll already have gained a lot more energy and motivation.

And chances are that upping your effort level across your life will liberate even more power reserves. You’ll see what you’re capable of, once you mobilize resources toward goals and priorities instead of complaints and worries, and it will spur you even further.

7. Do Something You Enjoy Every Day

If you aren’t already doing something that makes you happy each day, add that to your agenda right now.

It could be a crossword puzzle with your morning coffee (a favourite of mine!), a fun playlist to listen to on the way home, a bubble bath or glass of wine at the end of the day, time to read in bed before sleep.

Choose something that refreshes you, or just makes you happy, and do it every day.

A happy, relaxed you will be a better partner, parent and friend, and a more productive worker – so don’t begrudge yourself this one.

Decide which of these seven strategies you want to implement, and get ready for a new season. Let’s start clearing those cobwebs!

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