Work Life BalanceWhen it comes to work-life balance, it seems there’s nothing new to say. We all know the problem and we all struggle to find the answer. The solution doesn’t appear to be out there.

But it may be in here. Where? In here, in our heads.

Here are 4 ways to think about work-life balance that might give you a fresh perspective – and with it, a new range of options you may not have considered.

1. Your life is a pie, not a set of scales

When you think about improving work-life balance, do you consider what you can add to the Life part? Then you’re picturing your time as a set of scales.

Of course, time isn’t like that. You can’t even things out by adding to the other side.

Rather, your time – your life, in fact – is a pie. There are 168 hours in a week and how you spend them is your one and only tool for achieving work-life balance.

More life = less work. There’s no other way to slice it.

2. Don’t say No, say Yes

Do you struggle to say No to things that don’t fit with your priorities?

Then look at it this way. Instead of saying No to what you don’t want – a more stressful promotion or more demanding business life – you’re saying Yes to what you do want – family, health, or your sense of self.

Focusing on the Yes can help you feel more positive about your choice.

3. Your boss/business partner/spouse/child is not responsible for your happiness

It’s no one else’s job to give you a happy and balanced life. It’s yours.

This realisation can be liberating – you can stop waiting, hoping or manipulating for the things you want, and start proactively pursuing them.

You might be surprised how much energy, creativity and compassion this mindset shift can bring.

4. Ask for what you want – but give them want they want, too

Whether it’s fewer hours, more flexibility, babysitting duties or housework, you improve your chances of getting what you want if you give the other person what they want, too.

You probably know what the key people in your work-life tangle are looking for. Better sales conversions? Less nagging? More sex?

Everyone is looking for more happiness – find a way to get more of it for everyone.

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