Get Organized Wizard Partner Program

Get Paid For Promoting Get Organized Wizard Products

Do you have a blog, web site, social network page or email newsletter?

If so – and if you use and love Get Organized Wizard products – then you may be eligible to earn commissions from promoting Get Organized Wizard products. It’s called the Get Organized Wizard Partner Program. It’s easy, free to join and simple to get started.

Existing Partners:
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Getting started

Getting started is easy. Just fill in the application form. We’ll then email you your unique Partner number, username and password, plus instructions for accessing your Partner account online.

You’ll be able to choose from a selection of banners, graphics and text links to use on your blog, web site, social network page or email newsletter. You can start earning commissions right away!


We’re offering 30% commissions on all Get Organized Wizard downloadable products, including Organizers, To-Do List Packs and eBooks. At this time we are not offering commissions on our membership programs.

How it works

You sign up and place Get Organized Wizard banners, graphics or text links on your blog, web site, social network page or email newsletter.

When a person clicks on the banner, graphic or link, they are redirected to the Get Organized Wizard web site and we log that the visit came from you. If that person orders from us, we identify that the sale came from you.

Once the customer’s purchase is complete we credit your commission to your Partner account – and you receive a lovely notification email.

To re-cap: you sign up, choose and place your banners, graphics or text links, and you’re ready to earn commissions!

Terms and conditions

If you’d like to be part of the Get Organized Wizard Partner program, you need to know the rules that apply:

  1. It probably goes without saying, but no spamming with our material is allowed under any circumstances whatsoever. If we receive complaints or learn of spamming activity, you will be removed immediately from the Get Organized Wizard Partner program.
  2. Commissions apply to full-priced products. Commissions are not available on membership programs, or on sale or discounted items.
  3. Commissions are not available on purchases for yourself.
  4. Payments are made quarterly once your Partner commission is USD49 or more. Commissions are paid in USD via PayPal (you need a PayPal account to receive payment).
  5. You are free to leave this agreement at any time.
  6. This Partner program is single tier. You do not earn commissions for referring others to this program, nor on any sales they make.
  7. We reserve the right to raise, lower or discontinue the current Partner commission percentage. Partners will be notified of such changes in advance by email.
  8. We reserve the right to decline or terminate Partner accounts if we have any concern about any aspect of their marketing or advertising of our products or services.

Ready to get started?

Click here to join the Get Organized Wizard Partner Program.

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