By Michele Connolly

Get Organized Wizard Tips Previously I mentioned social networking – which I bring up again because the tips I’m about to share originated as tweets on Twitter. I’ve been getting great feedback on these little strategies, so I thought I’d expand them beyond Twitter’s 140-character limit and collate them into a set for you.

Use any or all, or let them stimulate you to come up with your own ideas. But do think about ways to cut out the things that waste your time, money, energy, space… and life. Then you’ll have more of yourself for the people and priorities that really matter to you.

1. Subscriptions
Cancel subscriptions to papers and magazines unless they enhance your life. If they don’t, they’re simply taking up your time, money and living space.

2. Closet
Only keep clothes, shoes, boots and accessories that you love or that make you feel fabulous. Donate the rest, even if expensive. Let others enjoy the items you don’t.

3. Say No
Graciously say ‘No thank you’ to low-priority tasks. Make peace with the idea that it’s not your mission to be everyone’s rescuer.

4. Bedtime Tidy
Make a habit of doing a quick tidy before bed. You’ll be more likely to start the next day in a good mood.

5. Viewing Policy
Only watch TV that meets your ‘Viewing Policy‘; for example – it makes you laugh, learn or relax. Never be at the mercy of whatever’s on.

6. Social Networking
Limit your active social networking participation to one to three sites (unless networking online is your passion or business). Any more, and you’ll be spreading yourself thin and feeling overwhelmed. For me it’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (come and join me!).

7. Abandon Everyday Versus Guest
When it comes to crockery and cutlery, forget ‘everyday’ versus ‘guest’. Instead have plenty of one attractive, replaceable, dishwasher/microwave/family-safe set.

8. Don’t Buy It
If you don’t need or love it, don’t buy it. Less stuff means less clutter in your home and more clarity in your head.

9. Ready Donation Box
Keep a donation box or bag somewhere handy. Any time you see something you don’t love or use – in it goes! Soon downsizing will be a habit.

10. Don’t Bring in the Mail
Open snail mail over your recycle bin. Ditch everything except for those items you need to (a) action (b) file (c) cancel.

I’ve created a post for these tips and I’ll keep adding the new ones I tweet. Add your comments!

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