3 Powerful Strategies For A Fabulous New YearAlthough the start of a new year is a fairly arbitrary thing, it offers a priceless psychological gift – motivation!

The promise of a fresh start is like a boost of extra energy that can help you start strong and maintain momentum toward the things you want.

This is why people love to make New Year’s resolutions.

Don’t waste this gift! Take advantage of the January 1 effect to get started the way you want the year to continue.

If you’re like most people, you’re hoping this year will be the one in which you get rid of clutter, get better organized, lose weight, become healthier, achieve your goals

To increase the chances that the new year is a fabulous year for you, apply the following strategies. Each one is surprisingly powerful, and can make a huge difference to the way you feel and function all year.

Read them, and then use them!

1. Have Less Stuff In The New Year

By far the easiest way to be more organized is to have less stuff.

The less stuff you have, the easier it is to organize what you have, and to keep it all organized.

Less stuff also means less clutter, less lost time looking for things, a calmer environment and a stronger sense of mental clarity.

The good news is that having less stuff is a lot easier than you think. For next year, simply decide to let go of the little lies and excuses that keep you caught in clutter. Then, start small – in just 30 minutes you can fill a trash bag or declutter 50 items.

Why not begin today? You will feel so good. Don’t take my word for it!

2. Do Less Of What Matters Less In The New Year

Everybody has the same number of minutes and hours in their day. And everyone has some frustration, impediment, psychological challenge or obstacle to face. Every-single-one.

Those who make the best use of their time have one major thing in common: They do more of what matters and less of what doesn’t. There is no other trick.

To turbo-charge your personal effectiveness in the new year, look afresh at your to-do list, and remove things that don’t contribute to your goals and priorities.

Look for things you do out of habit or old beliefs, or to fulfil someone else’s expectation. While it might seem easier to keep doing these things that don’t really matter, realize that they are costing you the things that do matter.

Uncover and offload these time-and-life destroyers. Then use your time where it matters to you – your goals, your family, pursuits that add meaning to your life.

3. Get Help In The New Year

If you’re in the habit of doing everything for everyone, now’s the time to re-think how you can manage things differently in the year ahead.

What can the kids do for themselves? Put clothes away? Cook dinner once a week? You’ll be teaching them useful life skills as well as giving yourself time.

What about your partner? How can you re-negotiate family chores?

Have you considered external services? Can you afford to pay someone to do the gardening, home cleaning or errands? Is it time to find a PA for a few hours a week?

It will initially cost you time to get more help, but very soon you’ll enjoy more time for the important things in your life.

More Life In The New Year

If you’ve felt overwhelmed or frustrated by too much stuff and too little time this year, then decide to embrace these strategies in 2011:

  • Get rid of things you don’t need or love
  • Give up tasks that don’t really matter
  • Renegotiate what can be done by others.

Each strategy will involve a shift of mindset and an up-front investment of time.

But you’ll be rewarded with more space, time and mental clarity for the things that matter to you. Your life will be transformed.

Take advantage of the January 1 effect – and start using these strategies!

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