Goals & Priorities Diary 2011 –
For Your Most Productive & Organized Year Ever!

Goals & Priorities Diary

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If you want 2011 to be your most productive and organized year yet, then you’re going to love our brand new Goals & Priorities Diary.

It contains Monthly Goals Planners that guide you to set and plan your goals for the month, Daily Priorities Planners that help you focus each day on your top priorities first, plus Goals Lists for the current and next year, and a record of Goals Achieved And Rewards.

It’s a simple but powerful approach that helps you to spend your time where it counts most, and to have more time for the goals that genuinely matter to you.

The Goals & Priorities Diary is fully interactive – you can type, save, search and edit. Save it to your desktop so you’ll be reminded every morning to open it up and get to work on your goals and priorities. You can even view your Goals & Priorities Diary from your iPhone or use it on your iPad.

Or print it out and write in it, if you enjoy the feel of using pen and paper.

Organize Your Life. Achieve Your Goals. Be Your Best.

Current Year Goals


Use the Current Year Goals to plan what you want to achieve over the year. For balance, choose goals across a range of life areas – like health & fitness, business & career, personal development, home, money & finance, relationships, family, fun & recreation and happiness.

  1. Choose up to 20 goals you’d like to achieve this year.
  2. Revisit this page any time to mark off completed goals, delete goals that are no longer relevant, and add new ones.

Current Year Goals

Monthly Goals Planner


The Monthly Goals Planner will help you to focus on your current top goals, think through the steps to achieving them, and allocate necessary actions to specific dates. It’s a great way to keep up your motivation and review your progress, month by month.

  1. At the start of the month, choose up to 5 key goals from your Current Year Goals – 5 is achievable and motivating.
  2. List the tasks you need to complete this month to progress toward each goal you’ve chosen.
  3. Allocate each task to a date during the coming month – so you’ll be committed!
Monthly Goals Planner

Daily Priorities Planner


The Daily Priorities Planner keeps your focus on the top 3 tasks each day. This discipline will help you achieve your goals faster and live a life that reflects your major priorities.

  1. Specify your top 3 tasks to do first each day. Often, these will be tasks you’ve assigned from your Monthly Goals Planner. List other tasks to do as time allows.
  2. Mark tasks as done as you complete them. Remember – do your top 3 first!
  3. If you wish, record personal notes, thoughts and observations.
  4. Log any things to do and reminders – including appointments, emails, calls, etc.
Daily Priorities Planner

Goals Achieved & Rewards


Keeping a record of your achievements in the Goals Achieved & Rewards page is a great way to celebrate your success and give yourself some well-earned treats.

  1. As you achieve a goal, add it to your list.
  2. Revisit this page occasionally to reflect on your successes.
  3. If you like, print the page and pin it up to remind yourself of your achievements.
  4. Choose rewards to celebrate your accomplishments.
Goals Achieved & Rewards

Next Year Goals


Now that you’ve gotten into the swing of setting goals, allocating tasks and achieving success, you’ll want to make this a habit for life!

As you come to the end of the year, start thinking about what the following year will hold for you, and start a new goals list by adding goals for the next year as you think of them. Be sure to choose goals across life areas so your life feels rich and full, just as you did this year.

And have a wonderful year!

Next Year Goals


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With the 388-page Goals & Priorities Diary, 2011 will be your most productive, organized year ever!

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