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Woman using boxes to organize her home

Transform Your Living Space: 10 Innovative Approaches to Home Organization

Is your home a never-ending mess that you can’t seem to tame? Are you tired of the clutter, disarray, and chaos that seem to take over every room? Fear not! In today’s post we recap ten interesting approaches to help you transform your living space into a serene, organized haven. The Four Box Technique The […]

New Year A Fresh New Start

New Year – A Fresh New Start!

The beginning of a new year offers a great opportunity to try new things and change for the better. Perhaps you’d like to become more organized, improve your health or have a beneficial impact on the world. This advice can help you make the most of these positive intentions.

How to Get my House Ready for Thanksgiving

How to Get my House Ready for Thanksgiving

Don’t get caught off-guard by the impending Thanksgiving holiday. Here are things you can do to get your house ready for Thanksgiving that are easy to start doing now, so you won’t be feeling rushed closer to that much-anticipated fourth Thursday of November!

How can I Stop Procrastinating and Start Being Productive?

How Can I Stop Procrastinating and Start Being Productive

We procrastinate because we either can’t decide what to do next or are simply getting distracted from the things that need to get done. The tips below can help hone your focus and ensure you are able to avoid some common procrastination pitfalls and boost your productivity as well.

How to have work life balance when working from home

How to Have Work Life Balance When Working from Home?

It’s hard. When work is always present, it’s very easy to constantly start more work. But it’s also not healthy. When you don’t have an appropriate work life balance, you start to hate your work… and feel resentful about what you aren’t accomplishing in your daily life.

How to-be Consistent and Make a Decluttering Routine

How to Be Consistent and Make Decluttering a Routine  

One way to be more consistent with decluttering is to make it a routine. Just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, adding decluttering to your daily or weekly routine can help make it a habit.

How to Manage Time for Housework

How to Manage Time for Housework

Sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours in the day. But with a little time management, you can make time for the things you need to do, like housework. Here are some tips on how to manage your time for housework.

How to Stay on Top of the Clutter

How to Stay on Top of the Clutter

Clutter is a daily challenge. It seems to appear out of nowhere and can quickly take over your home or office. The key to conquering clutter is to have a plan and be consistent with implementing it. Think about it like a war that you’re constantly fighting with yourself.

How Do I Prioritize When Everything is Urgent

How Do I Prioritize Tasks When Everything Is Urgent?

Consistent, sustainable productivity is all about priority setting. Prioritization is a soft skill that can literally affect your success at every level. Without honing prioritization skills, the only thing you can really count on is frustration, decreased productivity, and high levels of stress.

How to Store and Organize Your Holiday Decorations

How to Store and Organize Your Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations represent an important tradition in many homes. They revive fond memories and help make the season feel special. At the same time, decorations may become tangled and difficult to unpack. They can also take up a lot of storage space.

Organize Your Black Friday Shopping List

Organize Your Black Friday Shopping List

Black Friday offers a chance to buy desirable products at great prices. However, it can easily become hectic and stressful. To make the most of this event while saving time and money, don’t forget to prepare a well-organized shopping list.

7 Questions to ask when throwing away stuff

7 Questions to ask when throwing away stuff

Making the decision to actually get rid of stuff you don’t want anymore may have taken you a while, but now that you’ve decided to eliminate unneeded things and make more space in your home, it’s worth giving the matter some consideration before you begin.

How to organize my medical supplies at home

How to organize my medical supplies at home?

Here are some tips to help you get started organizing all your medical supplies. Even if you are super busy, when you set aside a bit of time for this task, you’ll find you have more time going forward, because you’ll be able to locate whatever you need in seconds instead of rummaging around in a crowded medicine cabinet, drawers and other places in your home.